Be My Witnesses (Acts 11:19-30)

Once again we were not able to record the sermon, but we know the problem now so we should be good in the future. Thanks for your patience! Here is the Outline of this week's sermon:

Launch Prep: To Antioch and Beyond

Big Idea: Today, Luke reveals three specific was in which the Lord prepared the church at Antioch for its role in the next phase of the Gospel mission.

I. By Planting the Church (11:19-22)

II. By Supplying Key Leaders (11:23-26)

III. By Developing an Outward Focus (11:27-30)

Be My Witnesses (Acts 10:30-48)

Our recording issues continue...sorry but no sermon this week either. Here is the outline:

Launch Prep: Everyone who Believes

Big Idea: Today, we will see how the Lord sovereignly united his people into one church, and charted the course for the Gospel to spread to the nations.

I. The Meeting (10:30-36)

II. The Gospel (10:37-43)

III. The Gift (10:44-48)

Be My Witnesses (Acts 10:9-29)

Unfortunately we are continuing to have technical difficulties with the recording capabilities of our sound system so we have no sermon once again. Here was the outline for this week's sermon:

Launch Prep: Peter's Vision

Big Idea: Today, we will see the Lord take the initiative in helping Peter to remove the barriers of his heart that were keeping him (and the Jerusalem Church) from taking the Gospel to the Gentiles.

I. The Lord Confronts and Corrects Peter (10:9-16)

II. The Lord Helps Peter Make Application (10:17-23a)

III. The Lord Throws Peter in the Deep End (10:23b-29)

Be My Witnesses (Acts 9:1-19a)

Unfortunately, Ted's microphone malfunctioned during the sermon so we do not have a recording for this message. Here is the title and outline for this sermon:

The Big Three: From Darkness to Light

Big Idea: Today, we will see the Lord's conversion of Paul from the church's greatest threat to its most dynamic Gospel witness.

       Scene 1: Opposition No More (9:1-9)

       Scene 2: A Difficult Assignment (9:10-16)

       Scene 3: Paul's First Friend (9:17-19a)